Now, I'm fully 1920 x 1080. Whew!

It took awhile, but I'm finally there. 1920x1080. What does that mean? It means my Computer (incl. monitor), Plasma TV, Blu-ray disc and Video Camcorder are all what they call "Full HD."

How long has this taken? It seems like forever when looking back at the first murmurs of the new TV format called high def in what, the early 1990's? Affordable HD camcorders were the last piece of the puzzle, having come along in the last year-ish. Big, reasonably affordable HD tv's have only been around for the past two. Ditto for HD discs. Computers with the power to edit the new codecs, say 2 yrs also.

If I've got this equipment, you know that we as a culture have passed the point of inflexion. Because I'm not an 'early adopter', nor a 'laggard.' I jump on the bus when the price curve starts to flatten, and the standard appears in the distance, not a moment later.

Attention: We are now living in the HD World, and are never going back. We won't miss the SD world, though, it will probably be increasingly our visual code for nostalgia and history. So be it.


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