DIY Ski Tuning Bench

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive ski tuning gear, my make-it-myself drive got me motivated to make one of my own. 

My idea was to allow three positions, just like ski vises allow.   1. Base up, 2. angled away 30 degrees, and 3. On side.  So I cut some 1/4" notches in 2x6 douglas fir. I cut away some wood on the angled notch, to give myself more room to work.

I attached these notched pieces to a longer 4' length using the Kreg joint system.

The assembled unit is shown here attached to my Black and Decker Workmate.  It attacheds using 1/2" dia bolts on the underside [insert pic].

The angle slot holds the ski like this:

and there is enough friction between the soft wood and ski, that the ski is held firmly.  I can work on my edges easily from tip to tail, even though the workmate is not as wide as the ski.  I cannot, however, put heavy pressure on the tip and tail.  But I'm not intending to do that so, that's not a problem.

With the rubber pieces on top the skis are held base side up without moving when brushing or waxing.

I'm thinking of adding one wood block mid-ski right under the front binding to support the ski in the middle and to hold the ski when vigorously brushing from tip to tail.   Will keep you informed ;)


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