Ski buckle helper

I was unable to tighten the most important buckle on my oldish Lange Comp 120 boots.   Frustrated, I searched around and found some solutions for about $20.  But as you may have guessed, I decided to make one myself. 

I visualized a tool that looked like an old fashioned bottle opener ^.  But they were not the right size to fit over the buckle and not long enough.

I went a few liquor stores and finally found this:
It was wide enough to fit over the buckle, but rubbed against some of the buckle parts when I used it to pry the buckle all the way closed.   So... I got out my angle grinder, my vise, and modified the top of it to this shape:
So it fits and us used like this:

I added a cord, (I always have some around from Campmor)  and used a pencil and flat file to smooth rough edges.

Now I can get that bottom ankle buckle TIGHT!  It makes a big difference in my boot fit!


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