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Linus Restoration: Major Project

This was a huge project. But I think you'll agree that it was worth it.  This is the finished product: This is a better pic but before the front brake and custom reflective logo: And before rack or right hand grip and medallion.

Sadly, I  didn't take enough before pics.  I get OCD and can't stop working on the project.   Its like I have to right the wrong and fix what is broken right away!  I'm trying to get better about photodocumenting.  Here is the broken down frame before stripping:
I used a DIY tool to spread the dropouts and align them with one like this:

Then I stripped the frame with "Aircraft" paint stripper. (no photos).  It worked stunningly well and fast.  Then primed the frame and fork with Rustoleum grey primer and painted with Rustoleum Smoke Grey:

I got better at painting uniformly but did have some sags with I sanded out later.
 While I was waiting for paint to dry on the numerous coats, I broke down the rear wheel, which was not turning.  I…

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