The Canon HF10: the new standard in AVCHD codec Camcorders, but I'm buying the HV30!

So check out Camcorder Info's review of the Canon HF10. It apparently equals the best-in-class picture of the HV30 and HV20. BUT, I'm going with the HV30 which uses the old fashioned HDV codec/format!!!


Because my buddy Chris Walsh pointed out that the MiniDV tape using HV30 give you instant backups, in the form of the tape used to record the video. Just throw the tape into a shoebox after transferring the video and there you have it! A backup without doing a backup. Backing up the AVCHD based HF10 will require some hefty backup capability in the form of an external HDD. Man are those files large.

So even though tape seems old-fashioned, it makes backups easy and will save you money and effort when configuring your backup scheme for your already-expensive PC.

Why am I going for the HV30 over the HV20? Primarily the 30fps frame rate (vs the 24 fps of the HV20) It is more compatible with web standards. I believe the distribution method of choice will be the web for most videos. Sharing videos with friends over Facebook or a blog will be the way we do it. The HV30 has some other minor improvements over the 20 but the 30p is the key for me.


mg said…
May I suggest that to get the full benefit of tape backup -- or of any backup system -- you need to store them, or at least one copy of the items you are backing up, offsite. This can be at your place of work, a friend's home, or you can pay for a storage space somewhere (including an online backup service). It's great to have backups, and multiple backups are better, but if your main computer, your backup drive, and your tapes are all in one place, and it suffers a catastrophic event, then they all go together.

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