Track Day at Lime Rock Park

What am I talking about? The New Jersey Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America's first driving school of the year at historic Lime Rock Park in Litchfield County Connecticut. It was a one-day school. Short but sweet.

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Lime Rock was amazing! It did rain all day, which made it sort of miserable, as I wasn't really prepared for all that rain. But the show went on, and I'm very glad I did it.

I learned so much. The limits of traction are so low, that I was on the edge basically at all times. Its quite a feeling when you are fighting the car for grip at every turn, even the fast ones with nothing but an armco barrier to welcome you if make a mistake!

I was pretty timid at first, I must admit. It was my first time at Lime Rock, my first time on a track in this car, and its been several years since I've done a track day.

But over the course of the four 20 minute runs, I built up confidence, and speed. By the end, I think I had rung out maximum speed in at least half of the corners.

I've signed up for the 3 day Thunderbolt school in August, but I definitely need another one before that.


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