I Watch My Computer Videos and Photos on my Plasma TV


I use my Playstation 3 as a TV network adapter, if that's what it is called. Its more like a TV linked mini-computer. Anyway, I need two things to achieve this. A network (wireless or wired) and this incredible software called TVersity.

What is TVersity? Software that you run on your main computer that streams media to devices on your home network. I believe it is similar to Windows (Vista) Media Center ("WMC"). But WMC doesn't support the PS3 (Boo!) So TVersity is the way to go if you are a PS3 Blu-ray guy, like me.

Its this similar to an Apple TV? It appears so, though the Apple TV doesn't play games or Blu-ray disks, and TVersity has no on-demand movies. I would bet money that the Apple TV interface is better.

That said, the PS3 is an incredible value, combining a 1) top notch Blu-ray player, 2)'TV network adaptor' functions, 3) current generation game console, and 4) distributed computing node

If only WMC would support the PS3, I wouldn't have to deal with learning TVersity, which, now that we are on the subject, is time consuming to learn.


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