Oil Bag should be standard equipment in every car!

I finally got around to getting one of these, $6.20 including tax at my local BMW dealer.  I'm a BMW and Porsche Fanboy but I really didn't care which brand it was.  The Bimmer bag is the best value, though!

 The bag looks like this, when filled with a standard quart bottle of oil: (front and back)

It fits neatly in the corner of my trunk, held in place by three long velcro strips.

Pics below show how the oil container fits inside, and, here's a tip, save the clear plastic bag that the Oil Bag comes in and put the quart of oil in it before inserting it into the nylon oil bag.  That way, it it leaks, it wont get messy.
Also shown is the included paper funnel and hand wipes!  All of this for six bucks.  What a bargain!  You'll never be on the road and see the oil light go on and be anxious about where youre going to get your oil ever again!


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