Saturday, November 6, 2010

911 New Batttery

Just came back from the dealer. They replace the battery with an Interstate MTP-91. I was surprised that it wasn't a Porsche branded battery. They billed me about $145.34 for the battery and $154.61 to test and replace the battery + tax. This was not covered by the CPO warranty, even though I drive the car more than the threshold 600miles per month. (They won't warrant the battery, even the original warranty, apparently, if the car is infrequently driven) I'm in the process of asking for some concession from the dealer.

I read the article in this month's "Excellence" magazine on battery issues like some other folks seem to. It made me wary of replacing the battery myself, but many others on this forum seem to have had no problems replacing the battery.

Some lessons learned:

1) If you get a jump starter box with a cigarette lighter adapter and a male-to-male cigarette lighter cable, you can maintain power to the car while changing the battery.

2) A really dead battery may not be successfully jumped with jumper cables from a car or even truck. I watched the Porsche roadside guy try with a plug in charger, then with jumper cables from his C Class Mercedes. He failed. The flatbed operator said many methods fail to start a really dead battery.

3) One of the few jump starter boxes that will jump a Porsche with a totally dead battery is the Snap-On red colored box. I watched the flatbed operator do it. The flatbed guy said he bought it a few years back for $300. The only model on Snap-on's website is blue in color and $200. I don't know if it is a different spec.

4) This was a huge PITA!

5) I'm buying a trickle charger. Don't know which one yet. My cousin in Canada who is doing research on battery longevity for a car mfgr is sending me one that they like. Will report back. Porsche charger is $$